Sunrise International Academy aims to be the Center of Excellence in Education using state-of-the-art technology, where the seeds of the all-round development of the children are sown at an early age. I, Mrs. Sheela , Principal  of the school take immense pleasure and pride to present to you a report of our activities and achievements for  a year 2021-22.

School Philosophy:

The School provides value based education and personality development programs to strengthen the ethical and moral development of students. The curriculum here is aimed at providing excellent education in scholastic subjects, co-curricular activities, value education, games and sports, yoga, music, art & craft and dance.

The school focuses not only on advanced academics but also on extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. Students are trained at a very young age towards incorporating a sense of responsibility, loyalty, team spirit, and healthy competition to become graceful and dignified personalities.

This academic year began with a prayer service and all new joiners were welcomed to our school family. We have significant accomplishments in A.Y 2021-22 under the dynamic, motivating and proactive leadership of Principal Mrs. Sheela. R and our dear teachers.

“Success is the sweet result of hard work combined with the desire to excel and unfailing dedication”.

CBSE Board Term 1 and Term 2 Examination

We are glad that the students of class 10 have written the Term 1 Examination very successfully. They are getting prepared for the upcoming Term 2 Board Examination. Intensive coaching is given by our trained and experienced teaching staff that are helping and guiding the students on a regular basis.

Staff :

The most valuable resource that any school can have is its staff.

The school collectively has an enthusiastic and dedicated team of Secondary, Middle school, Primary and the Pre-Primary sections. In addition, we have Non-Teaching and Support staff. Their coordination with each other is what enables the school to function smoothly and grow with new perspectives.

Environment Education

It is a part of the day to day lessons being taught and the aspect is stressed at regular intervals in the online and offline Assemblies.

Parents’ and Teachers Meeting:

A General Body Meeting of parents is held on a regular basis.

Since PTMs have been arranged periodically, the Parents and teachers of our school are closely involved in most academic activities. We thank and congratulate them for their support and cooperation through the years.

The First online PTM was held on 04.09.2021

The second Offline PTM was held on 23.10.2021

Mid-term Parent’s meeting was held on 22nd, 23rd and 24th December 2021 for classes 6 to 8, 3 to 5, and IK2 to 2 respectively, which was very successfully conducted by the Principal and suggestions from the parents were taken.

Academic Activities:

“If you develop a passion for learning you will never cease to grow”.

Competitions and academic activities that go beyond the text books and the classrooms encourage and foster a healthy and competitive spirit and effective communication skills in the students. The activities are conducted at classroom level and school level. Some of these events are handwriting, essay, speech and slogan writing competitions. Competitions are also held for PoetryRecitation, Story Writing and Narration, Debate, English, Kannada and Hindi Elocution. Prizes will be distributed in the month of February 2022. 

Science, Math and English Olympiads are conducted every year and the students perform excellently at the local as well as National level.

Art Integrated Learning has been a hallmark of the school even before the CBSE mandated it as compulsory. An elaborate Art Exhibition is conducted every year which draws a lot of attractions and students willingly contribute to its success.

Aristotle rightly said “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”.

Value based education is given for Self-development and Personality development. This is done with the aim to inculcate in students values like honesty, gratitude, forgiveness, kindness etc.

Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities:

These are an essential part of the life of an educational institution as they strengthen the classroom learning as well as develop the personality of the child and harness the in-depth potential of students. The activities are conducted throughout the year for Pre- primary, Primary, Middle school and Secondary level. Participation by the students and teachers in these events was very commendable.

Some of these events are:

  • CCA Activity for the month of August:

Fancy Dress Competition for primary students (Grade 1 to Grade 5) , Singing competition for Grade 6 and for high school Essay Writing Competition (Grades 8 to 10)  was  held on 14.08.2021 .

  • CCA Activity for the month of September:

Draw and color your teacher competition for Preprimary students,  Essay writing on Teacher’s Day  competition for primary students (Grades 1 to 5) , Rangoli competition for Grade 6 and Mono-acting of teachers was held on 18.09.2021.

  • CCA Activity for the month of October:

Diya Decoration Competition was held for Grades students on 30.10.2021.

  • CCA Activity for the month of November

Drawing (Nature) competition for Preprimary students, Best Out of Waste for Primary students (Grade 1 to 4),  Vegetable Carving for Higher primary students (Grade 5 to 6) and Pick and Speak Competition (Grades 8to 10) was held on 27.11.2021.     

  • CCA Activity for the month of December:

Singing Competition of Rhymes for Preprimary students, Painting Competition for primary students (Grades 1 to 4) , Folk Dance competition for Higher primary students (Grades 5 & 6) and cooking without fire for high school students (Grades 8 to 10) was held on 18.12.2021.

  • CCA Activity for the month of January:

Tricolor Vegetable/ Fruit Salad making competition for all grades (IK-1 to Class 10)was held on 29.01.2022

  • CCA Activity for the month of February:

It is said that you must practice like you never won and perform like you have never lost.


Unique Events:

SIA students actively participated in unique events endorsed by the Postal Department held on 16.12.2021; among all the students 10 students were selected.


“Life is a celebration. We just need people to celebrate it”.

To foster national integration, international understanding, religious and cultural awareness and tolerance, various national, religious and cultural festivals and occasions were celebrated with due grandeur.

  • National / State Festivals:
  • The 75th Independence Day was grandly celebrated in our campus on 15th August 2021. Our Chairman hoisted our tricolor flag, at the same time Members of the Management, Principal, staff and students accompanied us.
  • The Republic Day was celebrated in our campus on 26.01.2022.Our Principal hoisted our tricolor flag, at the same time staff and non-teaching staff accompanied us.
  • Karnataka Rajyotsava was grandly celebrated in our campus on 1st November 2021. due reverence for our motherland with patriotic songs and dances
  • Gandhi Jayanthi was celebrated on 02.10.2021 by performing rituals with due formalities.
  • Religious Festivals :

All religious festivals like Diwali, Ganeshotsav, KrishnaJanmashtami , KanakadasaJayanthi, Onam etc. are celebrated throughout the year with due respect to the religious sentiments of our students.

  • Onam was celebrated in our campus by lighting deepa and performing puja to flower Rangoli.
  • GaneshaGowriChaturthi was celebrated in our campus on 09.09.2021 by performing rituals pooja.
  • KrishnaJanmashtami was celebrated on our campus 06.09.2021.
  • Ayudha Puja was celebrated with due formalities and rituals in our campus on 14.10.2021.
  • Diwali was celebrated on our campus by performing puja to Goddess Lakshmi on 03.11.2021.
  • KanakadasaJayanthi was celebrated on 22.11.2021 by giving information about Kanakadasa in assembly to the students.
  • Christmas was celebrated on our campus by decorating the Christmas tree and all the grade students sang Christmas songs with joy.
  • Other Celebrations:

The school gives due recognition to significant global events and celebrates these days. Some of these events are, Hindi Divas, Yoga Day, Teacher’s Day, children’s Day, Grandparents Day, Farewell Party for class 10th and SaraswathiPooja.

  • Teacher’s day was celebrated in our school on 06.10.2021. Students organized games for teachers and performed programs like playing flute and dance.
  • Hindi Diwas was celebrated in our campus on 14.10.2021. All students came up with song, charts and Grade 2 Jayanth gave a speech about Hindi Diwas and Grade 6 came up with Kabir Das Dohe.
  • Children’s Day was celebrated on 15.11.2021. Teachers organized programs for entertaining students.
  • Grandparents’ Day was Celebrated in our campus by  organizing games and programs to the grandparents was held on 12.02.2022
  • Saraswathi puja and Farewell party for students were held on 05.03.2022.

“Learning by doing is the best way of learning”.

Online Study during Covid-19 :

The nationwide lockdown following the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a burst of activity with online education. The COVID-19 has resulted in schools shut all across the world. Globally, over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom. As a result, education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms.

At SIA teachers and coordinators are regularly in contact with the students and parents and take the online classes regularly. Students are also studying through the MCB App. Apart from this, students are given various other extracurricular activities such as Drawing, Cooking, Singing, and Dance etc. on a day to day basis which they can carry out at their home and to encourage them we put their videos on social media and websites.


We believe that every Year brings changes with God Almighty’s protection. As we are passing through an unprecedented crisis situation in the year 2021 we are confident that we will overcome all the odds by our strong will and ethics and pave the way for the betterment of the education fraternity and the society in general. Towards this, we have started our online lectures from 01 June 2021 using various Innovative tools to facilitate learning for the students.

Before I conclude, let me assure you that even though our students engage themselves in various co-curricular and life skill activities, top priority is given to academic performance. Extra classes, revisions, unit tests, class tests, assignments, project work, end of term exams have kept them busy throughout the year. I render thanks to our Principal, our Management, our teaching and non-teaching staff and my students and parents who have been with us in all our activities with maximum support and cooperation. With this I conclude the report.

Best Regards,

Sheela R

Principal, SIA