Evaluation and examinations are essential in ascertaining the success of the teaching learning system and to gauge the progress of every student. Every assessment activity is planned and outlines the outcome being assessed. Students are graded according to performance through a fair evaluation system.
Special learners are given special attention to improve their performance. For this purpose, need-based attention is provided. The spirit of such an assessment system is to enable each student to go from strength to strength and improve on his/ her performance.
The curriculum at our School is set to meet the standards of the CBSE board to enable the students to perform well at the CBSE Board exams. The adopted curriculum is aided with several curricular and co-curricular activities which enable each student to realize his/her maximum innate potential and develop themselves into academically proficient, morally upright and socially responsible individuals to face the challenges of our changing society.

Evaluation system


There are two semesters in an academic year and every semester has One Formative Assessment and one Summative Assessment. Two Formative assessments and Two Summative assessments concludes one academic year.   Promotion will be granted based on the student’s overall achievement throughout the course of the year, according to the CBSE Board’s system