We pay special attention to our kids’ travel safety. We ensure that every student has a comfortable seat for the duration of their travel. Our buses comply with all applicable government regulations, and our drivers are well-trained to handle pick-ups and drops along the designated routes. We also have bus attendants who are responsible for the safety of the pupils and the seating arrangements.

Counseling & Inclusive Education

Special education is a method of addressing each child’s unique requirements in order to improve their lives through a customised curriculum. Every child is unique, and comparing them in the same beam balance is unjust! We offer great educational counselling that embraces each child’s unique characteristics and leads them down the proper path. For a better learning experience, the courses are organised with adapted equipment and materials, as well as fun activities. For a hands-on approach, the curriculum includes audio-visual assistance. Every child is entitled to a high-quality education, and we make every effort to provide it. We have devoted faculty members who recognise each student’s unique needs and help them along the way.

Music and Dance

Music and Dance classes are conducted within the curriculum by specialized instructors.