Intake Policy

School Intake Policy

Sunrise International Academy, is an all inclusive school. Sunrise is a co-educational school. Students of all caste, religion, nationality, race, area and gender are indiscriminately considered for admissions.
There shall be a diagnostic test conducted for every student upon induction into the school. However, this test does not determine the eligibility of the students into the school rather serves as a diagnostic tool to determine where the child stands academically to assist the mentors to help the child to cope with the academics of the institution. They will serve as an indicator and signpost to teachers, for any specific areas that the student may require extra focus or help in to the particular grade level they are seeking admission in. In case of limited number of seats in a classroom, we offer them to students on a first come first serve basis. Specially abled students will be considered case by case and be helped to be inclusive into the system to the best of our abilities.
Students who seek admission at Sunrise International Academy are required to submit a transfer certificate, character certificate, recent performance/assessment at the time of admission.