School Curriculum Policy

3C Guide

At our school; we follow the proprietary curriculum 3C from IK-1 until grade 5. The 3C Curriculum is an intersection of structure based content accompanied with various life philosophies and interesting instructional strategies ultimately making a learner a holistic individual ready for life challenges. The curriculum motivates students to understand the importance of self- learning hence the methodology adopted is Student- led inquiry. The curriculum strives to imbibe character profiles & competencies that make a learner a balanced individual. Hence, 3C rightly stands for Character, Competence, and Content.
The USP of our curriculum is the way it visualizes and implements curriculum as an integrated approach in all its domain of working. We believe in the concept of “work while play” and hence our classroom deliveries are learning engagement based. We also encourage a lot of parent participation in various ways which keeps them up to date on their child’s learning and allows them to contribute actively. We also have innovative programs designed to enhance a child’s reading capabilities, sports abilities, life skills etc.

Why 3C?
Because. . .
● Our 3C education model revolves around ‘Inquiry based learning’ through the ‘3C approach’ which develops ‘Character, Competence and Content’ in a child, and ensures holistic education to the child.
● Our environment and curriculum reflects the natural needs of the young inquisitive mind of the child
● Our holistic education program is designed by infusing the best of international learning practices, which provide the best learning environment to each individual learning style of the child.
● Our child centric approach helps the child to give meaning to their world.
● Our trans-disciplinary approach caters the need of the individual learning style of the child.

Themes in 3C

There are 6 Transdisciplinary Themes that enables the children to construct their learning through meaningful everyday life experiences that children can relate to. Thus learning is more contextual, interesting and memorable.
1. Our Identity
2. Our Responsibilities
3. Our Expression
4. Place and Time
5. World Laws
6. Our Systems

Profiles in 3C


Dispositions that are expressions of fundamental values, beliefs and feelings about learning, the environment and the people.


Those capabilities that the students need to demonstrate to succeed in a changing, challenging world, which may be disciplinary or trans disciplinary in nature.


Significant, relevant content that we wish students to explore and know about, taking into consideration their prior experience and understanding.

Assessment in 3C

Assessment is the gathering and analysis of information about student performance. It identifies what students know, understand, can do and feel at different stages in the learning process.

Assessment is integral to all teaching and learning. Thoughtfully and effectively guiding students through the SIX essential elements of learning:-
●The displaying of Character,
●The understanding of Concepts,
●The acquisition of knowledge,
●The mastering of Competence,
●The development of Content, and
●The decision to take responsible Action.