senior managemenT

Sri. R SRINIVAS - Founder & Chairman

R Srinivas is the Founder & Chairman of the Trust. He is a visionary and deep thinker. With almost two decades of experience in the field of education, he guides the major working of the Trust. With his vast experience and future thinking, he has formed the foundation of the Institutions of the Trust. His kind attitude and attention to detail attract him to people, while also insuring perfection in everything he does.

Smt. GIRIJA SRINIVAS - Founder Trustee

She is the Founder Trustee of the Trust. She comes from a very humble background and knows well the hardships of life and how important education is in a child’s life. She has been working for the Trust for more than a decade dedicating her precious time taking up the responsibilities of the Trust. She has worked side by side with a variety of women’s social agencies.


She is the Treasurer of HR Educational Trust. She has been a part of the Trust for the past 5 years. Inspired from a very young age to be in the field of education, she has graduated with a Master’s degree from London. She has a good grasp of the day-to-day operations, and her firm, realistic attitude benefits both the staff and the students.


He is the Managing Trustee of HR Educational Trust. Seeing his family run educational institutions from a young age, he has learnt immensely about the field of education. Educated in London at Westminster University, he returned to take up the mantle of responsibility and has taken complete ownership of the Sunrise International Academy, Kengeri. He is present on campus every day to ensure that the Trust’s vision is diligently carried out and implemented, and that the school soars to unprecedented heights.