The curriculum is designed to cater to the multiple intelligence of the child which makes learning a very enjoyable experience. Our motto “Rooted in Knowledge” aims at sowing the seed of knowledge ingrained with values among them through best practices adopted from around the world.

We are looking forward to bringing energy, fresh perspectives and innovative classes that will have your students thinking, exploring, and creating all year round! In making a lasting difference to the way our children think, observe, create, and engage with the work around them – skills that they will cherish for a lifetime!

Football, Basketball, Volley Ball, Throw Ball, Athletics & Skating

Specialized teachers in sports not only nurture the spirit of sportsmanship but also work on their cardiovascular health, hand eye coordination, strength, and flexibility.


Cricket is a team sport which provides children and young people with a variety of skills needed to develop a lifelong love of sport and physical activity. It is fun, inclusive, and the sport provides a wealth of opportunities to take part. We have special instructors to train the interested students to coach Cricket.


Children exposed to Chess at an early age encourage strategic thinking and improves their attention span, memory, and IQ.

The school recognizes the fact that if the mind has to be alert then it needs the body to be active and healthy as well.
This applies whether the child is an actual participant or is assisting and observing on the sidelines. Being involved in these activities offers multiple benefits. It helps youngsters discover latent talents, opens new avenues of interest and creates team spirit and collaboration. It also fosters self-esteem, motivation and academic success in the children.