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Welcome to Sunrise International Academy, the Best CBSE School in South Bangalore… The School is approved by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Affiliation Number : 830957


Our inquiry-based approach encourages children to be active participants in their learning and to develop the skills necessary to investigate their ideas, interests, and questions in depth. Our pedagogical perspective is based on excellent practises in early childhood education from around the world. Today’s students require more than simply academic instruction at school.


The teaching staff is warm, affectionate, caring, committed, sympathetic, and loving. Because education is based on the child, children are given the freedom to think for themselves. The school strives to instil in its students the values of integrity, honesty, trust, compassion, and tolerance. It believes that all children should have equal access to education, based on their particular abilities and requirements.


A good game teaches you many things, including hard work, teamwork, pride in win, and sportsmanship in failure. Each of these can go a long way toward assisting a young child in dealing with life’s obstacles. Sunrise International academy, regarded as one of the premier schools on Bangalore South, provides a platform for its sports enthusiasts to participate in a variety of inter-school tournaments to assist their learning, growth, and development.Our sports activities promote not only physical development, but also overall ethical and mental growth.




Sunrise International Academy

Sunrise International Academy ensures that children receive a high-quality education by channeling their energy creatively and allowing them to realize their full potential. Our students develop into self-disciplined, dignified, and self-respecting adults who will spread patriotic, social, and ethical principles.

Our school promotes students’ ethical and moral growth through value-based education and personal development programs. The school’s curriculum provides great education in Scholastic Subjects, Co-curricular Activities, Value Education, Games and Sports, Yoga, Music, Art &Craft, and Dance. When it comes to preschool, you should always choose the best for your child because it will help them begin their academic journey toward their goals.


To empower all children by nurturing their particular talents and abilities and assisting them in developing into future leaders who are relative, disciplined, and vibrant.


To cultivate a society of progressive thinkers capable of initiating and sustaining constructive change in the social, economic, and cultural fabric; to influence the global community via information, understanding, and attitude.


The school promotes self-discipline as a form of control that is mostly internal to the individual, rather than external or imposed from without.

Word from the Management

First and foremost, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to future Sunrise International Academy students! Modern knowledge has become our most valuable resource, and it is our responsibility to convey it to you, unquestionably to your benefit.

The pressures that our pupils will confront in preparation for school and life beyond are changing rapidly, as is the landscape of both education and the world. With our expanding state-of-the-art campus, evolving technology, and personalized instruction that both supports and challenges each student based on their specific requirements, Sunrise International Academy is keeping up with this shift. Our highly qualified and enthusiastic teachers have created programmes that educate through inquiry, conversation, decision-making, and reflection, and our courses are maintained small to ensure that instruction is particularly student-centered.

Along with our academic achievements, we are quite proud of the numerous activities and extracurricular programmes that our kids have access to. Every child, we think, is entitled to a good education.

Mr. Shashank Srinivas – Director, HR Education Trust


Mrs. Renuka R, Teacher Parent Parent of Parinitha. M, Grade 1

“I am glad that the school Management and Principal have taken great initiative during the pandemic by conducting online classes. The curriculum framed by our Principal Mrs. Sheela R, supports holistic development of the child and Co-curricular Activities are also being conducted simultaneously”.

Mrs. Ramya Parent of Jayanth, Grade 2

“The school environment is very conducive for the student learning. Best education is provided by tapping the potential of the Children”.

Mr. Munikrishna Parent of Srilakshmi, Grade 3

“At Sunrise International Academy, the school Management, Principal and Staff take very good care of the students. Individual attention is provided to each child. Regular parent teacher meetings are conducted to keep us informed about the functioning of the school”.

Mr. Hemanth Kumar Parent of Somashekhar, Grade6 and Mahalakshmi, Grade3

"My children look forward to going to school every day. They like their time at school and look forward to learning new things each day. They take part in a range of activities and events, and they enjoy the companionship of their teachers and classmates. They're having a terrific time and are having a lot of fun!"

Mrs. Chandrakala. R Kannada Teacher

“The school Management, Principal and the Staff are very co-operative. Parents must make the best use of quality education and the facilities provided in the school”.

Master Raju Varma. C Student of Class 10

“My teachers are very kind and friendly. They are passionate about students’ success”.

Master Jayanth Student of Grade 2

“Scientific and all-round curriculum is just fabulous. The efforts that the Principal and the teachers put in are incredible. I am very happy to come to school”.