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Extra-Curricular Activities

Children can learn a lot about the world by participating in extracurricular activities. It’s critical that they find a way to channel their excess energy and curiosity so that they can develop into healthy, well-rounded individuals with a diverse set of skills and experiences. Extracurricular activities, on the other hand, educate students how to be sociable in a variety of contexts, which will benefit them later in life when they enter the profession. These activities allow your child to explore many areas of interest, gain self-confidence, develop leadership abilities, and even improve grades while having fun! They can educate your children how to collaborate without bullying others. This is a vital ability in today’s world, as just being in school can be difficult due to competition and teach time management skills as one of the most important life lessons!

Special Assembly

School’s morning assembly is the best platform not only to appreciate those who have achieved something in academics or co-curricular or extra-curricular activities but also helps in building a culture of communication and representation. Our morning assembly sessions consist of a new element like shloka recitation , word cards, great personalities, thought for the week, science experiments and warm up exercises apart from regular features of National Song, National Anthem & Thought of the day. Word cards improve the vocabulary of students while great personalities inspire the children to learn from the lives of great leaders, scientists, sportsperson etc. Science experiments are conducted to enhance their learning and inculcate a habit of scientific observation. Warm up exercises help students to gather lot of energy to do their day well.

Monthly Themes

We don’t believe in offering education by confining children to classroom and scholastic material only. We encourage all children to expand their minds, skills and talents to become all-rounders. Every Month’s activities and competitions which are being organized in our school give the students an opportunity to explore their inherent talents, creativity, presentation skills, nurture & develop new skills, discover new interest and in fact to create great memories.

Events & Celebrations.

We in Sunrise International School make events & celebrations as a part of curriculum. To bring out better understanding of National culture, days like Republic Day, Independence Day, and Rajyotsava Day are conducted. Also International days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Women’s Day are celebrated by keeping some appropriate activities related to that event. All the religious are celebrated by explain the children the importance and specific purpose of each of these festivals which helps them to understand the culture of other religions and observe the good practices of other religion to maintain integrity with all. We conduct Fruits and Vegetables Day in every month to enhance the knowledge about the seasonal fruits and vegetables and to improve the good eating habits and not be specific about a particular taste.. Children bring different kinds of fruits and vegetables on particular days specified every month. Also they inculcate the life skills of making salads out of it. Too make the celebrations &  events more colourful, Colour Days are celebrated on the same day.

Yoga, Karate and Music

Apart from education, we also give importance to facilitate our students’ physical, mental and social well-being. In both yoga and karate children learn to use all their muscles in new ways. As a result of this single focus to achieve a particular pose or stay balanced is possible. Music is an extremely important subject for all children to learn which leads to better brain development, increasing brain function, concentration skills and it is one of the best methods to relieve one’s stress.

Indoor Games & Outdoor Games

Many Indoor games like Chess, Carrom Board, Chinese checkers, Table Tennis etc.. and Outdoor courts are available for students to break the monotony of academics.

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We are a close-knit family that focuses on giving individual attention to each student and making learning accessible to all.With the right combination of universal and Indian values, we believe in helping every child grow into a responsible citizen and a good human being.

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