Integrity Policy

School Academic Integrity Policy

Sunrise International School is committed to developing students of character who demonstrate civic, social and personal responsibility. The life skills we value and expect from students are effort, honesty, respect, responsibility, perseverance and self-discipline.

Students at Sunrise are responsible for understanding and abiding by this Academic Integrity Policy. They will take the time to do their own class work. They will be honest and will learn without involving in Plagiarism cheating, lying or taking shortcuts on homework, projects or exams.

The Academic Integrity Policy includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1. Students will not copy homework or project materials, change a grade on a paper, or turn in another student’s work as their own.

2. Students will not copy an idea, cut and paste online sources, or use references without quoting a source.

3. Students will not use their cell phone, email or any other electronic device to share testing information.

4. Students will not cheat on an exam by copying, using cheat sheets, writing answers on their skin or clothing, stealing an exam, or providing student information about the exam.

5. Students will not let another person copy their work, take an exam or complete an assignment for them (including adults – parents are encouraged to help and support students with their schoolwork).

6. Students will not make up information on an assignment to prove their ideas.

7. When correcting work in class, students will correct classmate’s work honestly and to the standards set forth by the teacher.

Students shall abide by the Sunrise International Academic Integrity Policy and understand that cheating in any way will result in appropriate consequences.

The teachers must abide by the guidelines to report any plagiarism to the respective classroom teachers. Classroom teachers have the liberty to excuse the first plagiarism incident of a leaner after a warning to the child. Any repeat offence must be reported to the academic head of the school who will inform the parents and the principal of the school and take necessary action based on the seriousness of the issue.