International Kindergarten

The International Kindergarten programs are for children aged three to six years old.

The International Kindergarten, a three-year programme for children aged three to five, is built on conventional multi-sensory and sequential learning methods. A specially built learning resource provides students with exciting and meaningful learning opportunities at their own speed. It combines the vertical integration of three, four, and five-year-olds in a safe environment. Children develop a strong academic foundation through a variety of well designed, hands-on, interactive learning experiences. Both early learning programmes are extremely pleasant for young children and result in the development of sound, reading, and numeracy abilities.

The “Observation” sessions offer parents an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see their children in their natural environment and gain insight into their level of learning and interest.

Students learn through a variety of engaging individual and group activities focused on several intelligences (Kinesthetic, Audio, visual, tactile methodologies). Storybook readings and puppet shows, complete with handcrafted rod and hand puppets, are a popular element of our programme, which helps students improve their language skills and improve their listening skills. Students are encouraged to participate in fine motor skills activities such as paper crumbling, dabbling, and painting.

A “Continuous Informal Evaluation” system is used, which is based on classwork, theme-based worksheets, and observation sessions. The various areas of the child’s growth are outlined in a biannual evaluation report.

Our dedicated teachers ensure that your child has a firm foundation that will prepare them for life success. The Kindergarten sections of the school are open from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Technology Integrated Learning

Each classroom is upgraded as a multimedia Digi-Class including audio-visual aids, demonstrations, simulations, Rhymes, Games, Class Libraries, Puppet Theatre, Activity Sheets, e-books and 3D- interactivity. We also help IK3 students develop lateral thinking by using multi-media based animations, graphics, and videos to explain concepts in a very interactive and intuitive manner.

A perfect learning environment has been created with a massive multimedia resource library for delivering subjects in a collaborative manner in the classrooms. The curriculum is built on collaboration, with teachers serving as facilitators for group discussions, projects, and hands-on activities and experimentation.

The Science and Mathematics labs encourage students to develop a scientific mindset. Instead of rote learning, the emphasis is on ‘learning by doing.’ Project-based learning and field trips all help students comprehend the subjects better.